Massage, Healing Hands & Qigong Classes

Qigong Classes

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Massage Therapy

60 minute massage $60

30 minute massage $40

​90 minute massage $90

Healing Touch Therapy  

If you haven't experienced Healing Touch with our Practitioner Deb Pascuzzi and would like to schedule a session, we encourage you to do so! You'll receive a private consultation about your mental, physical, and emotional goals and challenges, moving into a full Healing Touch session where she works with the bio-energy field to promote health and relaxation on all levels.

Description: A Healing Touch Practitioner works with the bio-energy field to reduce stress, calm anxiety, alleviate depression, decrease pain, strengthen the immune system, deepen spiritual connection, and support patients during intensive medical intervention such as cancer treatments. Whether you are experiencing issues like these or simply want to move your body into a healing state of deep relaxation and energy balance, you will find that this session leaves you feeling calm, clear, and rejuvenated.

Price: $80 for one hour session, plan on 90 minutes your first time as it includes a health assessment. 

$45 for 30 minute session

Initial Package: $165, includes one 60 minute and 2-30 minute sessions.

Three 30 minute sessions: $130